Fashion Show

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Hey Guys! Help Force hosted a Fun Fashion Show Tournament on Friday on CPO.

More than 30 people participated. We had several rounds with many unique themes. KitKat89 was the host for the day.
KingWilliam was the winner of the Fashion Show. He won every round with his stunning outfits on the stage. Congrats to KingWilliam!!

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Thanks to everyone who came to the Event.
Hope to see you guys participating!

Helpforce-cpo joint smu

segment stamp
Hi Guys , On Monday , the Helpforce of CPO logged in into Sleet with the Pirates to have their Joint Stamp meet up !!!
It was a successful event and many people in both of the Servers managed to get Igloo Party Stamps : D

Thanks to all of you who attended the Wonderful HF CPO Meet-up !
Will be waiting to see you in further events of the Best Army of Club Penguin-HF of CPO !

Help Force vs Pirates [Christmas Chaos R2]

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Hi Guys , Help Force logged into Sleet on Saturday to witness their Battle with the Pirate Army. 

It was an Official CPO Army league Round 2 fight. According to the Judges , This fight was One of the greatest fights CPO had witnessed. Every member did their Best and HELP FORCE maxed 36 Members today. Thought the Help Force lost to the Pirates , but being a Participant of the Battle in itself was a great experience. Here are some Pictures from the Battle !!!

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Well done Help Force !!! Hope to see you in further events like this 😀 and thanks to Everyone who Participated !