An Interview with Ayan

Hey there Helpers,
Welcome to the #2 of Know Your Leaders. Today, we’re going to interview the Creator, Legend and current leader of Help Force Army, Ayan a.k.a KitKat89. (I wonder where the KitKat is. I’m hungry.. mmmm!)
Spotty, Bestpenguin, Rock, Rorange and I have already been interviewed on this blog as troops. However, how could we miss the leader and founder of Help Force, Ayan. So CrystalJenny and I decided to interview Ayan (not that he told us to do it).
 Interview with Ayan a.k.a Kitkat89, Creator, Legend and current Leader of Help Force Army
Jason: Hello Ayan.
Ayan: Hello.
Jason: CrystalJenny and I will take you an interview so be ready to answer some questions!
Ayan: Okay.
Jason: Let’s start. Help Force as an idea is great: A group of people helping others. How did you come with that idea?
Ayan: So , I joined CPO in late February 2018. Was always interested in collecting Stamps. I tried to get them here too , But the response I got from the Public did hurt me. So , I decided to create a Group which would help out random people with Stamps , And I guess it worked out well.
Jason: It did really well. Do you have an army experience before Help Force?
Ayan: Not really. I was unaware of armies in the Original Club Penguin.
Jason, CrystalJenny: Me too. What does it feel to be the leader of an army?
Ayan: Hmm , That’s a Pretty difficult question to answer because there is not much of a Feeling to be a Leader. I do not try to separate myself as a Leader in Help Force. Being a Leader in Help Force is a matter of proud in itself as the Members in the Army are more than Fabulous.
Jason: What are the challenges you faced growing Help Force and you face being the leader?
Ayan: Talking about Challenges , I as a Leader have faced many challenges in making the Help Force to what it is today. Getting the starting 100 Members in the army took a whole lot of time , Because the Army was new and was not led by a CPO Staff Member. Except from that , there were Challenges I had to face as a Leader ; Be it the Staff team , Activeness , etc. But I can gladly say that there were people in the team who helped me and Help Force go out of it on the right Track.
CrystalJenny: Would you like to give any specific examples of the challenges?
Ayan: Challenges mean that there were Mistakes , As a Leader , I would not like Pointing out the Mistakes which have been done by People as they’ve repaired it and have Moved on : )
Jason: We respect that. What can you do if you are an army leader? What are the limits of your power and your responsibilities?
Ayan: As I said Earlier , Being a Leader of such a Great Family , I do not Flex over my Leadership to anyone. A Leader should always try to be a Part of the Community , That is how the Army Co-operates with him and the Members itself. Talking about my responsibilites for the Army , The Staff team which you see in the Help Force is the best Group of people who handle the Help Force. Without them , Help Force can’t run as it does. I try my best to keep the Community Intact and keep it running Smoothly.
CrystalJenny: Any limitations of what you can do as a leader? Or is that included already?
Ayan: I have included it in the Previous answer , I can’t Flaunt my Powers to members and not any Army leader should do that. This is the Only Limitation I face as an Army Leader which eventually includes all other Limitations.
Jason: When there are disagreements between the leaders, staff members and members, how do you settle it? Is it the same for all 3 ranks/statuses?
Ayan: Disagreements do not happen usually in the Help Force’s Staff Team. If it does happen , I try my best to settle it in the least compromising way as possible. If the matter still Persists , I adopt a Democratic way and usually do Opinion Polls in the Staff team to find out what should be the Consensus.
CrystalJenny: So it’s the same for disagreements between members?
Ayan: If Members disagree with the Staff Team’s Ideas (Which till now , Hasn’t happened yet) , The whole of the Staff Team try to resolve it then and there without any further Drama.
CrystalJenny: Okay that’s good. Do you have any advice you would give to people who are trying to rank-up on Help Force? (Since there have been quite a number of people asking for mod positions lately)
Ayan: As the Help Force is a big Community , We choose Staff Members very Precisely. We do announce when we are looking for a Staff Member , We review their past Activeness , Current Activeness , Their Friendliness in the Server , Relations with other People and traits which are needed to be a Staff Member. So , if they are legible for that , They Follow rules perfectly , They can be chosen as a Moderator.
CrystalJenny: Okay we’ll let everyone know. What advice would you give to people who are trying to make their own army?
Ayan: I do not consider myself as an Army Expert as I have less than a year of Experience in Armies. Going by my Advice , Armies should try to make themselves Unique so that people join them. Help Force was the first Army which was formed for the sole purpose for Helping with stamps. They should try to make a Friendly Community , Be Active , and do Recruitments actively when they are Formed.
CrystalJenny: That’s good advice. That was the last question. Do you have anything else to add? And/or anything you want to say (it can be to the HF family)?
Ayan: The 1st Year Anniversary is coming. Get ready and Be Active, We ve Surprise Plans for the Anniversary Week 🙂
CrystalJenny: Oooooo sounds exciting! Thanks for your time!!
What do you think of our interview? I am not that could at writing, so any feedback is helping me. Thanks for reading this interview.
Pro Helper

An Interview with Spotty803!

Hey there Helpers,
Today, the Help Force Army launched a new project called “Know your leaders” Under this new scheme, we will be interviewing any new leaders of the Help Force Army in order to help you guys know them better. Without further delay, let’s get started! Today we are going to be interviewing Help Force’s 2nd in Command, Spotty803
Interview with Spotty803, 2nd in Command and Leader of Help Force
Blue Yogurt: So, I know you are a Second -in-Command of Help Force.
Spotty: Yeah I’m a leader alongside Ayan and Attacker.
Blue Yogurt: That’s great! Now, why did you join Help Force?
Spotty: I was fairly new to CPO and I think I saw someone advertising in the Discord and saw they helped getting stamps, which I needed so I decide to join, and I haven’t regretted the decision since.
Blue Yogurt: That’s interesting. How did you reach this high rank in the Army?
Spotty: When I joined the Help Force again in around October, I was active and applied to be a mod in December. I then got chosen to be a mod and then last week I was recently promoted.
Blue Yogurt: That’s great. Good job!
Spotty: Thanks.
Blue Yogurt: What’s your opinion of Ayan?
Spotty: We’ve had our differences in the past, but he’s a really good friend, he’s such an amazing leader. He’s helped the Help Force achieve over 900 members in just under a year!
Blue Yogurt: I couldn’t have said it better! If you could go back, would you have done anything different with Help Force and why?
Spotty: Um I probably wouldn’t have gotten involved in all the drama that happened last year which meant I had to leave the Help Force for a couple of months, so yeah..
Blue Yogurt: Ok. Anything you would like to add?
Spotty: No. Thank you for having me in your first interview!
Blue Yogurt: No problem! It was a pleasure having you!

What do you think about this interview? We’re open to suggestion in-order to improve our posting! Comment down below!
Blue Yogurt


Hey there Helpers,
Today the Help Force Army logged on to the server Zipline. This was our first attempt of putting events under categories and scheduling events accordingly. It was a success. Check out the pictures below!
We Averaged 56 & Maxed 61 on Club Penguin // Comment for promotions!


Admiring the Timeline : HelpForceCPO

The New generation of Club Penguin Armies which rose after the Death of the Original Club Penguin gave rise to a Bunch of New Armies who hadn’t been in the Original CPA Before.
This was an Exciting task for the New leaders but at the same time many people did criticize the fact that the New Armies would not be able to continue the Glorious legacy of the Old Club Penguin Armies.

For this , We bring to you an Interview of a Set of Active Members of the Help Force consisting of a Blend of Opinions and Ideas about The Help Force !
The Help Force : Do you guys have any other Army Experience except from being in the Help Force?
Jason , Bestpenguin , Rock , Rorange : No , We weren’t a Part of the Original CPA Community.
The Help Force : Okay , so as this is your First Experience in Armies , Until now , What do you think “Armies” as a General word means in Club Penguin?
Jason : A group of penguins that gather and have fights against each other.
Rorange : Mostly groups of penguins who wear the same clothes and meet at events where they either do tactics, play game tournaments or sometimes have other events.
Bestpenguin : For me , Armies are like family because I met many good people in the Army while having Fun side by side in reference with Events , Battles , etc.
The Help Force : Do you feel any difference between the Usual Armies in Club Penguin and the Help Force?
If Yes , Please Specify.
Rorange : The Help Force is a group of friendly penguins. I like that we help each other a lot :smile:
Jason : There are differences of course. Help Force has all these fancy game tournaments and stamp segments while other armies do not have this kind of stuff and just do war practices. Help Force is more like a family of penguins if you ask for my perspective.
Bestpenguin : For me , Help force is like a family which has the most friendliest community. I had fun in Help Force , I liked making new friends and helping penguins. Help Force is best army in any of the CPPS’.
Rock : Well ,  I see Help Force as a very helpful community, I love how it makes segments and helps people.
The Help Force : Has the Help Force , in any ways , Made your Club Penguin life better? If Yes , How?
How do you think the Help Force is going to make the New Generation of Club Penguin better?
Bestpenguin : Yes , by introducing me to this Family Friendly community !
And yes , It is going to make the new generation of Club Penguin better as the Help Force has set up a Family Community where no one is allowed to break CPO Rules and every one is ready to help each other at any point of time.
Rorange : Yes, because I became more active and I met new friends and it also helped me with my stamp book collection in Club Penguin Online.
I think Help Force will make the new generation of Club Penguin better because as more members come, more people would start hoping for help with stamps and The Help Force would be able to help them with that.
Jason : Help Force inspired me to continue playing CPO. I was on the verge of leaving CPO when I stumbled upon Attacker and other members of HF during a stamp segment. I made new friends in the community too.
The ones that have the time to join, Help Force can affect them positively.
Rock : Well yeah I got a lot of stamps because of The Help Force. I also made new friends and it also encouraged me to stay more active in Club Penguin Online.
The Help Force : Thank you guys for your Precious time ! Is there anything you want to convey to the People who are new or are going to join the HelpForceCPO?
Bestpenguin : I want to say that Help force will be there forever. Even when people leave, we would have the strength to recover the activeness and the new people who would join would be our up coming Helpers.
I hope Help Force lives Forever!
Rorange : Respect the rules and I hope you would feel good in The Help Force.
Jason : Welcome! Please read #server-rules #about #point-system & #uniform. Thanks!
I hope you enjoy your stay here at HF : )
So , as you can see , People at HF really feel good staying in the Community. They want the Community to live For Ever and to always be the Same !

⇓ Comment Below and share your Experiences with the Help Force !

Special Thanks to:
Bestpenguin ( Help Force Moderator )
Jason ( Help Force Member )
Rock ( Help Force Member )
Rorange ( Help Force Member )

Mascot guide

Hey there Helpers , Im pretty sure many of you are interested and curious about How exactly to find Mascots and get those Special items !
Well, then this blog will help you with that.
Click the “Read More” and Start Reading !

Suggestions and Tips here in this blog, You would find Getting those Items really easier!

  1. Join the HF Discord ! Go to the Help Force Discord > Commands channel and do !mascot. This would ensure that you’ll get pinged whenever a Mascot is Online by our Super Trackers !
  2. Crowding the Mascot won’t help! This actually is difficult , but If you would crowd the mascot , You and your friends would not be able to click on his Profile. Say Bbye to those Items if you do so !
  3. Postcards are Rare , Make sure that you do not Keep spamming for it , the Mascot would then , Give it to you !
    Good Luck with Mascot Hunting ! P.S They come only during Parties !

CPOnline Guide: Earn Coins Quickly!

Running low on coins? Don’t fear, there’s plenty of ways to get that number up again. There is no instant way to earn coins, but with the methods in this guide, you’re guaranteed to earn coins in the quickest known way possible!
1. Codes
Codes are made by the CPO staff during special events or milestones, and some codes include coin prizes! Here are some that still work: DISCORD10K , CPONLINE500K , CPISLAND , MERRYCHRISTMAS , 1MILLION300
2. Games
As you know, games give coins. If you make the best out of it, you can get up to 1,000 coins in one round! The best games in my opinion for earning coins are Catchin’ Waves, Cart Surfer and Pizza Tron 3000. My personal favorite is Cart Surfer. It is quick, easy and if you have all the stamps and do the right tricks you can earn up to 500 coins in under 2 minutes!
3. Mod Meetups!
This one is not as often used as others. Mod meetups are held quite often by the moderators of CPO and are announced on the discord server. You can win not only coins but also items!
Best Wishes to all,