Hey there Helpers , The National Armies Alliance comprising the Fashion Army , Ninjas of CPO , Help Force CPO invaded Blizzard ( The Capital of Aliens ) and grabbed it away from the opponents.
It was a successful event as we managed to win all the 3 Rooms.

Max : 55

Here is the Video of the Battle recorded by RorangeCPPS :


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The Story of Attacker

Hello Help Force, as many of you I am one of the leaders of Help Force along with Ayan, Spotty, and someone else coming soon :). About a week ago I got into a situation with one of the members in our discord server and I was very immature and took the situation very poorly which has led me to step away from my leader abilities for a while and for that I’m really sorry. This is a little something that I wrote that is now being public to the community.

“Didn’t really realize what I was doing I guess. I know many of you might be confused and I’m sure there will be an announcement soon explaining everything but for now, it seems like I will be gone for a while and I just wanted to explain a little. For the past 2 months, I’ve been going through a breakup, as some of the staff know I was with this girl named Abby and at once she was actually in the server but yeah blah blah we were together for 17 months and she cheated on me. Second, I’ve kinda just been going through depression for about 2 years now, I see a counselor at school most days about it and its one of the reasons I can’t really control myself because I kind of just lose track of everything. Thirdly I’ve been going through family issues at home. About 2 years ago my aunt stole $250,000 from a school and shes in jail so yeah… also my parents are abusive sometimes and throw shit at me trying to hurt me and yeah… Cuatro I hate the school I go to, I don’t really have any friends and I never wanted to be here I always wanted to go to a different school where my friends are and it sucks because I have lost a lot of friends over the past 2 years because I never get to see them anymore since they all go to different schools so on the weekends and after school I’m always kind of alone and you guys are like the only people who are there :/. Lastly, I’ve come close to taking my own life at moments due to all of this so yeah. Sorry about today, many people know what has happened and this is just explaining where it came from.”

So yeah I hope that clears some things up for everyone. As many of you know I try to be a really fun leader and sometimes I get too distracted by the rules and try to start having to much fun which leads to punishments so I’m sorry. My one and only goal here is to make an impact on the community and to make everyone happy that they joined us. I want everyone who works with me to have a great time and I hope one day it can be like that again. I love you guys.
Waddle on,
Help Force Leader: July 2018 – February 2019

OPERATION Mastering It Again – SUCCESS

Hey there Helpers , Today the Help Force logged in Whiteout to host their Pre-Battle Practice Event.
The Event was a Success as we managed to reach 35 in the Event and the Tactics were done in the Perfect time. Lets win this Tomorrow HF CPO !
Max : 35

The Event Video was recorded by RorangeCPPS , Make sure you subscribe to his Youtube channel : )

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Winter Treaty Violated!

Hey there helpers,
Earlier today, the Aliens decided to violate the Winter Treaty which was between Aliens, Fashion Army and Help Force Army. I’m here with all that you need to know!Last Saturday, a Help Force member by the name of Virtuuso attacked the MAC Discord server and the Fashion Army’s Server by mass Pinging.
To respond, Sans, the owner of Aliens, sent someone to ping @helpers in the Help Force which the guy did 20 times. Since he instructed to attack Help Force, this was a violation of the treaty. So, they had to give Help Force White Out. If they refused, Help Force had the rights to declare war.

After Ayan and Sans talked, it was acknowledged that Aliens had violated the treaty. He agreed to give up White Out and avoided war.
Soon after this was decided , the CPO Army League released the Server Map. Due to some armies not having their own Servers , The Help Force had to restrain from taking the whole of Whiteout instead , Whiteout was declared as a Shared Territory between Help Force , Aliens and the Fashion Army.

  • Sleet = Pirates
  • Blizzard = Aliens
  • Flurry = Light Troops
  • Zipline = Help Force
  • White Out = Help Force / Fashion Army / Aliens
  • Alaska = Shared (Only for recruiting)

On Top of this , The Modern Alliance of CPO Including the Fashion Army , Aliens and Hurricanes have planned a Raid on the HF Territory :
An essence of war is flowing around Armies right now. What do you think should happen?
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Pandas Retirement

Hello everyone! It’s me, PandaBelly. Some of you may know for being a HelpForce Moderator or/and a CPO moderator! As you can probably tell by the heading, I’ve decided to leave the HF. This was a hard decision to make, and they were many factors which influenced my decision. The main being that I am just extremely busy, and as some of you may have noticed, I have become inactive recently. I have also been involved in CP armies for 9 years, and I think I’ve outgrown the concept of armies.
I’ve been a member of the Help Force for about 9 months, although I didn’t go as ‘PandaBelly’ till a few months ago. It seems just like yesterday Ayan DMed me a HF invite, and I joined just to troll (yes, I was one of those annoying trolls. I wasn’t even good at trolling). When joining, I didn’t expect to fall in love with a community this much.
I fell in love with the Help force for various reasons. I loved the overall idea of the army. Never had I seen an army which focused on helping people oppose to doing tactics. I also loved the frequent game tournaments and events. I still remember my first stamp segment, since the members were kind enough to help me obtain stamps of my choice. I would like to give a special thanks to the staff team. Over the past few weeks, I’ve come to notice how much love you guys have for the HF, and how much work you put into running this amazing army. You guys deserve so much more credit than you receive. I’d also like to thank Ayan, he invited me to the HF, and quite recently promoted me to a moderator. I have never seen someone so dedicated to making an army and work so hard to improve this army. Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed!
The main reason I fell in love with this army and become very active was the amazing community. This is a one of a kind community, a community nothing else can compare to. You guys are the core of the Helpforce, and there would be no Helpforce without you guys. You guys are so kind and funny! Whenever I’m having a bad day, I know there would be someone in the Helpforce who’d make me smile, which is something I’m going to miss deeply. Even just talking to one person makes me so happy. I have formed such wonderful friendships and connections while in the HF, which I’ll treasure forever. I love every single one you guys so much! We’ve also gone through so much as a community- inactivity, the number of members not increasing, CPR drama, Staff drama etc. But because we have stuck together through all of these hardships, we’ve always gotten through it, and become a stronger community in the end!
You’re probably thinking, ‘sis, you’re being a tad bit dramatic writing a retirement speech and everything when you were only a mod for like 2 weeks’. For me, this isn’t just about me leaving the HelpForce, this is about me close one chapter of my life, and moving on- something I’ve always been scared to do. Although I once loved the idea of armies, armies just aren’t for me anymore. I don’t want to end on a negative note, so I have decided to share my
Top 5 HF experiences:
5. Attending my first ever stamp segment! I remember the first stamp everyone helped me receive was the happy room stamp. Ayan lead this event.
4. Winning the first ever game tournament I attended. It was a CJF tournament and even though I was a huge noob, I won (because I’m just that good).
3. Becoming a moderator. This occurred quite recently, and I was over the moon to find out that Ayan thought I’d be a good fit for the role. I have enjoyed my time as an HF mod.
2. Joining the help force. During that moment, I didn’t know I would fall in love with a community that much, but I did!
1. Meeting all you guys! I have formed many friendships over the course of my time here, and I know we will continue being friends for a long time!
I’ll insert some cute photos below. Anyways, this isn’t goodbye, as you may see me pop in occasionally, and I’ll definitely be coming to the 1-year anniversary celebration! Thanks for the memories (hopefully ya’ll get the reference).
My heart will go on :))

Because Leonardo DiCaprio is hot and this is such an iconic song. Recommendation: get a box of tissues when watching ):

Signing off, PandaBelly ❤

Wedding of Spotty

Hey there helpers,
Today, Spotty803 and elpiojo123 announced about their wedding tomorrow. I am here with all the information. Lets begin:
Tonight is the eve of the wedding. It will be held tomorrow ie: February 3rd, 2019. The time is yet to be however announced.
Earlier today, Spotty put out a poll asking who should get married? It was between Ayan, James, Elpiojo, Spotty, Crystal, kiara, Harout, Chloe, and Blue Yogurt (me). The top two people came out to be Spotty and Elpiojo.
At first, it was going to be Ayan instead of elpiojo. All of a sudden, elpiojo’s votes skyrocketed! Spotty said the following: “I wasn’t planning on getting married I was banking on people voting for someone else.” Elpiojo said the following: “THEY RIGGED THE VOTING!” Elpiojo also said “gonna confess my sins and ask god why he punish me like dis” Sounds like one unhappy groom. I then jokingly offered to fight Elpiojo for Spotty. It actually got pretty tense. Everyone supported elpiojo. It was all set and I agreed to back off. There will be a post about this coming out soon. Elpiojo doesn’t approve of it. Well, best wishes Spotty and elpiojo! Congratulations!
I then decided to interview them. Elipojo refused to talk. I got this from Spotty:
Blue Yogurt: How do you feel about this? Good or bad?
Spotty: LOL. It’s like my funeral.
Blue Yogurt: Are you excited?
Spotty: I think it’s gonna be funny!
Blue Yogurt: Most likely. Did you expect it to be you and elpiojo?
Spotty: I was hoping it wasn’t going to be me as I had my funeral the day before.
Blue Yogurt: Thank you for your time right before such a stressful event.
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Blue Yogurt