Hello Helpers! This Saturday Help Force logged onto Zipline to practice formations and tactics. We also managed to help our members earn harder stamps and overall, the event was spectacular with perfect formations and ease to get those hard stamps, in other words, the event was a great success 🙂
Here are some pictures that were captured at the event :
Max: 35

Once again, thank you to everyone who came. I’m sure we all had a blast and I hope to see you all again in the next event! ❤

How to Battle 101 || By Shad

Shad’s Office~

Club Penguin Army Warfare has been around since at least 2006 where battles would be between different colored penguins where you would just choose a color and go with it by throwing snowballs at the other penguins. Since then armies were formed and then tactics were discovered. Strategies were thrown together to discover which army was more clever than the other. For many years this has been the way to battle. Today I will teach you, the new generation of soldiers of HF CPO – How to Battle.
Welcome to How to Battle 101 taught by none other than yours truly, the one and only, Shad.
There are many different ways to battle as I am sure most of you are aware. You can throw snowballs, toot in other penguin’s faces, tell jokes and make them laugh to death, insult the other army, and so on. Today I will tell you how to do this strategically.

First, you need to make Sure you pay attention to the one calling commands as it won’t always be your leader. Pay attention to what they tell you to do. First thing they will probably have you do is get in a formation.
A formation can be anywhere between a straight line, X Formations , a letter formation, a circle, parallel lines, scattered, etc. It can be any kind of formation they say. So pay attention to what kind of formation you are doing.

One thing they can tell you to do once in formation is insults which could be typing and entering or wait to enter to time it exactly with everyone. If this is the case then this is what you will do :
The “Leader” will tell you to type, for instance we will use this line, “AYAN OWNS”. So they will tell you to enter that and DO NOT PRESS ENTER. Once everyone has it typed they will then Count down. Once they hit 3 get ready to press enter then they will say “ENTER”. At that time press enter and it will look a little something like this:

Next tactic we will go over is the famous Joke bomb. A joke bomb is where you tell jokes over and over and over to punish the enemy with laughter. The way you do it is the leader will have everyone get in a formation of some type then countdown.
On 3 , switch to CP and press J while running out of formation all over the screen rapidly pressing J.

With this said, while in a formation the leader will say one of the following:

Above is the list of commands. When it says E+3 or something like that it means you press those at the same time. Normally you will stay in formation when you do it. They will always countdown from 3 so you know when to press it so you will do it all together.
Thank you for Reading How to Battle 101
“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt” – Sun Tzu

Help Force Interview

Hello everyone! It’s Solar here 😀 ! Remember mine and Jayden’s last post? The one about Help Force recruitment and why you should join?
Well, this post will be an extension of that discussion. I’ve shared a lot of my thoughts on this subject already, so I felt that my fellow Help Force members should also have a say. And who better than the Help Force third-in-commands – Bestpenguin and CrystalJenny to ask? They’ve never been interviewed before and they haven’t gotten nearly as much spotlight as our beloved Help Force leaders. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight to the interviews!

Solar: Hey, Bestpenguin! I’d like to interview you for a blog post that I’m currently working on.
Bestpenguin: Oh Okay
Solar: Why are recruitment segments important in your opinion?
Bestpenguin: Because in recruitment segments , people can join HF and make themselves a part of the family. Also , they are important as it needs to keep growing otherwise the Army would die.
Solar: 🙂 Thanks for your reply! 2 more questions. What do you think of recent Recruitment Segments?
Bestpenguin: Recent rec segs have been successful and we have recruited a lot of people. Also , the recent recruitments have extra points attached , so it adds up.
Solar: Cool! Now for the last question.
Solar: Last but not least, why did you join Help Force CPO? How are you enjoying your experience here in Help Force?
Bestpenguin: Help force is a group of people who help people to get stamps .HF is just like a family , where i met good people and trustworthy ones , I joined HF to help others. They once helped me to tip the iceberg and i was recruit by Ayan , to be honest , in the starting I didn’t understand some rules but when i thought of attending a seg , I started enjoying them and went to be active . I really hope HF rocks forever and I’ll be a part of HF forever .
Solar: Thank you very much for your time!
Bestpenguin: Np! thanks for taking my interview.
Solar: I’m glad you were willing to be interviewed. 😀
Now moving on to CrystalJenny’s interview! The topic of this interview is the same as Bestpenguin’s, but some questions were altered slightly or were broken down into a few smaller parts. Let’s hear what she thinks about Help Force and Recruitment Segs.
Solar: Hey, CrystalJenny! I’d like to interview you for a blog post I’m currently working on.
CrystalJenny: o okie sure. What would it be about?
Solar: It’s about recruitment segs and your thoughts on Help Force. There are 5 questions. Are you willing to be interviewed? I don’t want to force you to do it if it’s not what you want.
CrystalJenny: Sure Yeah
Solar: First question: Why are Recruitment Segments important in your opinion?
CrystalJenny: Well, to increase members and hopefully get more active members too. They are important for big events and battles.
Solar: Cool : ) Next question: what do you think of recent Rec Segs? Are they successful in your opinion?
CrystalJenny: From the numbers i have seen, they seem to be doing quite okay. But i don’t know how long they can hold this up. Now, every mod has a recruitment quota to be meet by the end of the week. It’s seems okay now, but if this continues, I don’t know how effective it would be. Because we would probably be like super annoying to most people by then.
Solar: Now for the third question: Why did you join Help Force?
CrystalJenny: Hmm well, i was asked to by Bestpenguin and Rorange when i was on CPO one day. They said that they help penguins to collect stamps, and i vaguely remember what stamps are from the original CP, so i thought “why not” and here i am. 😊
Solar: Nice. And now here’s the second to last question: Are you enjoying your time in Help Force? Yes or no? Please state your reasons. 😃
CrystalJenny: I honestly do like it there, the people there are nice and friendly. It took me quite some time to fit in cuz i’m still pretty new, compared to a lot of people. But i just tried to be as active as possible and join in segments and events, and then i was noticed by people as an active member and they start to include me in things. And now, we’re like a big family. I do hope we can start having more fun events and stamp segments instead of recruitment segments though.
Solar: Now, for the final question! Last but not least, why do you think people should join Help Force?
CrystalJenny: Firstly, it’s a group that helps people with stamps, so it would be nice to lend a helping hand right?
Next, the people here are really friendly and a lot of the mods are really nice too 😉 You can make a lot of new friends here, just like how i met Kavacado and we basically chat everyday now 😄
Lastly, we don’t just do battles and battle tactics like most armies. Instead, we help with stamps, we also like to have fun by organising tournaments and thinking of new ideas to make events more fun and exciting.
Solar: Thank you very much for your time.
And there you have it guys! Both interviewees’ responses have not been altered or filtered in any way. It’s all up there for you to see. I’d like to thank both of them sincerely once more for putting so much thought into their answers and being so honest. I’m sure a lot of other Help Force members can relate to how they feel, for we all love Help Force and hope that it will live on forever. ❤️
That’s all for now, everyone. Please stay tuned for my next post! 😊
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HF vs LT – WAR

Hey there Helpers , This post is all about the War which started last Tuesday – 16th April 2019 between HF and Light Troops. 
Insights about the War from our point of View and the Common HF Point of View.
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It has been already stated that why we declared war on the Light Troops. Their Leaders were about to end a peaceful relation just due to the Army Community getting boring.
We Invaded their Capital Flurry at an AUSIA Time and conquered it easily. This was just the start of the war.
Soon , The Light Troops realized that they , Themselves won’t be able to win the war , So they brought Pirates of CPO and Templars along with them. Now just have a look at the Top Ten of that Week :

You can clearly see that the war was started with the Light Troops and as soon as they thought it would be unstoppable , they brought 3 out of the Top 4 armies to battle us. Clearly they didn’t want a Solo Fight which could be considered as Equal.
Secondly , The Responses of the Army League on the Battles which we partook in were very weird and directly opposed what the actual results should had been.
Take the example of Yesterday’s Raid of Zipline.
1st Room : [ Ill only show pictures where both the Sides did tactics ]

2nd Room :

3rd Room :

Its Pretty clear that we dominated in Beach and Town. The Iceberg’s Second part was tough for us due to weird formations but it should had been a Clean 2-1 Victory. But , The CPO AL stated that it was a Victory for the Pirates and not for the HF.
Due to all of this happening , The Leaders of HF decided to back HF out of this Rigged War.

I want to congratulate Each one of Help Force’s Helper for putting up such great fights. There’s nothing we can do to change the results but Self Satisfaction matters more than if someone states we Won or we Lost. 

  1. Light Troops and their Leaders : We Expected a Solo War with you , which could had been great. Also it would not be right for you to say “Yall brought 4 Extra Armies”. It was never an Alliance Fight from our side. You say “Glory to the Light” and still you act so cowardly? Either Change your slogan or change the army itself.
  2. CPO Army League : It Could had been better if results were reviewed by someone not in any armies and at a high Post like it happens in Tournaments. Also , HF thus backs out of this war , Surrendering any Territory left [ If any ].
  3. Allied Armies’ Staff Members : Special Thanks to each one of you for being there individually with us even when it was not an Alliance Fight.



Hey there Helpers , HF yesterday successfully defended Zipline [ Their Capital ] from LT, Pirates and the Coward Templars.
Even Though there was a contradiction coming from the Army League stating we didn’t win , because We Didnt “Follow” the Invaders is just a piece of tomfoolery.

  • There were no rules specified on how a raid should happen.
  • Stadium was solely won by Help Force.
  • Not any other room was fought for , so it was  1-0 Win.

HF winning Stadium.

Now the next Defense would be of Whiteout [ Our Alliance’s Server ] .

Outraging War

Many people must be confused about what exactly is happening in the war situation currently. Here’s a Post telling you Everything you need to know !
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Earlier in March , The Light Troops Leader – Blueink decided to release out a poll about an Invasion on the National Armies Alliance or not. This came as a shocking news to many of us as it was peace between Help Force and Light Troops but the Poll ended that completely , leaving a Suspicious impression on everyone who saw it.

Blueink releasing an Invasion Poll in Black Alliance’s Staff Chat

Due to all of this happening , It was decided to teach the Coward Light Troops who wanted to raid the NAA during when it was broken. An Invasion of Flurry [ Light Troops’ Capital ] was announced and everyone got hyped about it.
On 16th April : The Invasion was announced and the raid of Flurry was supposed to happen on the 17th of April – AUSIA times.
The Help Force successfully managed to teach the LT a lesson and grabbed Flurry from their hands , While the Light Troops suffering a horrendous loss in that battle.

Help Force invading Flurry

The Pirates’ Leader – Epic101 decided to intervene in this ongoing war and help the Light Troops to regain Flurry. Soon it was announced that Pirates along with LT would invade Flurry on the 19th of April – USA Times [ Do note that Help Force does NOT have a USA Division , this was the most coward move shown by one of the best armies out there ].
The Interesting fact here was that with the return of Templars to the CPO Community , They [ Being Cowards ] decided to help the Light Troops out of nowhere. This just showed that their Leader Xing just wanted to boast about winning rather than growing his own Small Army.
Even though the Pirates along with Light Troops regained Flurry back from Help Force , it was a Competitive fight which lasted till the end minute.

Help Force defending Flurry from the BA

The Current situation lies that Light Troops , Templars [ Which cannot do anything without their “Brother” Ally – Pirates ] and Pirates are going to invade Zipline [ Our Capital ] today – 20th of April.