Getting to Know Help Force: messes

So you are here to know the Help Force Staff?

Well, here we will get to know these wonderful people who have put a lot of time and effort into making this army the best army possible!
Click the “READ MORE” and find out about the Person we’ve interviewed today !

*these interviews were not altered in any way other than a few grammatical changes. everything said in this interview was not scripted.
We decided to interview all the Moderators and Leaders of the Help Force
First, we begin with HF Mod Mess Mess :
Jayden91468: How long have you been a mod on HF?
MessMess: I became mod on 24/05, so that is I guess 17 days
Jayden91468: What’s your favourite thing to do in HF?
MessMess: Hmmm my favourite things to do in the army are probably the fun events, nothing can compare with a good fashion show or hide n seek sksksk
Jayden91468: So what’s your favourite thing in CPO?
MessMess: My favourite game is card jitsu, but I rarely play any of the games, that’s why I’m usually a broke mess lol
Jayden91468: Ok so, on to the casual questions, what is your favourite colour?
MessMess: I like a lot of colours, but black and yellow are one of my favs
Jayden91468: What is your favourite animal?
MessMess: I don’t have one*
(*this was said in confidence)
Jayden91468: 0: HOW???? Pick one!!!!
MessMess: How boring I know lol
Jayden91468: alright then, idk about this next one now… But whats your spirit animal?
(5 Mins Later)
(5 more)
Jayden91468: MESS!!!
Jayden91468(laughing hysterically): SPIRIT ANIMAL
MessMess: hmm what is the closest spirit animal to a mess? lol
Jayden91468: So there’s none?
MessMess: Ok my spirit animal is a Kavasheepo 🙂

Jayden91468: Well that concludes our interview!! Anything you want to say to the readers?
MessMess: yes ofc….. what is this mess?! sksksksksk
Well, this concludes our interview for the first person!
Stay tuned for more interviews coming soon!!!

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