Getting to know Help Force Staff: Lottie

Hey Helpers! The Help Force is a place where personality development and inter-personal assistance flourishes. For this reason, I believe it’s important to get to know some of the Help Force figures that make this happen. The members, of course, play a tremendous role, but today we’ll be focusing on the moderating aspect in the Help Force. I had the pleasure of interviewing Lottie, one of the 3IC’s in the Help Force. Please continue reading to see what happened:

Skeleton Lad: How long have you been a mod in the Help Force?
Lottie: I’ve been a mod in Help Force for about 2 months.
Skeleton Lad: How has Help Force changed for the better and/or worse ever since you’ve been promoted to mod?
Lottie: I mean, I’d say Help Force has grown a significant amount which is a good thing, unfortunately since being Mod I’ve seen many other members of the team leave, but have also welcomed some new friendly faces. Overall I’d say since become mod I’ve had a positive experience and Help Force has definitely improved.
Skeleton Lad: What is your favourite tactic to use in Help Force events?
Lottie: oh my lord

Well, there are many tactics, I’d say my favourite is Help Force Best Force, because as the tactic says Help Force is the best, however, I have a lot of others, like the EEEEH EEEEHtactic, or the slogan, Unleash the Power Of Helping!
Skeleton Lad: What is your favourite thing that you enjoy doing on CPO?
Lottie: I love going around and playing games, meeting new friends and talking to people!
Skeleton Lad: What is your favourite game on CPO and why?
Lottie: I have two favourite games, Puffle round-up and Catching waves, I love Puffle round up because its an easy laid back game, and I love catching waves because you can get loads of coins and do loads of cool tricks!
Skeleton Lad: What is your favourite colour?
Lottie: Lilac!
Skeleton Lad: In the Help Force, lollipops are your signature, hence you got the nickname Lottiepop. May I ask where the idea of lollipops came from and why you identify yourself with it?
Lottie: Right so funny story, when I first became mod, I would switch between emotes on my name. One day, I was talking about eating a Lollipop, and I mentioned it in chat. Juanita was actually the one who said “Your name could be Lottiepop” and that’s basically where it started.
Skeleton Lad: What are your favourite hobbies outside of CPO and HF?
Lottie: My favourite hobbies outside of CPO and HF are probably playing other games such as Stardew Valley, Pokemon, and probably chatting with friends.
Skeleton Lad: Is there anything you would like to say to the Help Force members?
Lottie: Hi to everyone reading! I want to say I love each and every one of you! Thank you all for being apart of this community ❤
Also thanks for interviewing me Ret, it’s been an amazing time! 🙂

-Skeleton Lad

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